The Mobile Vegans!

Hey friends,

Long time no see. We hope you’re still doing great in this freezing snowy winter. Just bundle up, drink water, and patiently wait until Spring!

Anyhow, as the title reveals, we want to share three cool vegan apps/ websites that we’ve found recently. Hopefully, these will make you veg-life a lot easier.


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  1. Is It Vegan?

Simply perfect app to use while browsing grocery stores’ shelves.  You just need to scan the UPC code on a product, this app automatically analyzes the ingredients and let you know if the product is vegan or not. There are two versions available: One is free and the full version is $4.99. A little bird also told us that 25% of profit of ad money in this app is donated to help animals.

2. Vegan Food is Everywhere.

VFE is a world map with places that have delicious vegan food. Yes, you read it right – A WORLD MAP. VFE is a crowd-sourcing website, which allows anyone to add food items to the list. Another great thing about this map is that it includes vegan dishes at regular restaurants or how to make your orders vegan. This makes easy when you dine out with non-vegans. As far as we know, this map is free and open to everyone.

3. Animal-Free.

This is a pocket guide that lists common and hidden animal ingredients. Animal-Free is a little bit similar to Is It Vegan?, but if you really want to investigate every ingredient, this is a great tool.

Do we miss any other great apps? Let us know in the comment. We’d love to hear your suggestions!

P.S.: Don’t forget NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is next weekend  TOMORROW! 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Metropolitan Pavilion. See you there!


Summer in the City…

…means vegans, vegans, vegans! 

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re looking for a way to spend these balmy…okay, sweltering days and nights, here are some fun ideas: 

Check out the NYC Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup, a Meetup group with upwards of 5,000 members that’s been going strong for 10 years! Here you’ll get the opportunity to meet other like-minded foodies, animal lovers, and general health nerds (hey, we are too) at great veg friendly restaurants and bars like Juice Pedaler and Soaked (the closest to a “healthy cocktail” that you can get!). And if you meet the love of your life, we’d love to cater your wedding!

If you’re looking to network with other ambitious Veg Heads, there’s Vegan Drinks, a monthly social networking event (like Facebook, but real life!) for folks committed to veg-related causes. This month’s Vegan Drinks is July 25th, so you have a full week to get excited!

So maybe drinking’s not your cup of kombucha, but we bet playing with animals is! Why not take a trip to the ASPCA to make some new furry friends? Or, if you’re looking to make a day of it, visit our friends at Catskills Animal Sanctuary (they recently named Beyond Sushi a Compassionate Cuisine Champion, no biggie) in Saugerties, NY. CAS is a completely free-range sanctuary for farm animals who have been rescued from cruel treatment. They offer tours, vegan cooking classes, and other great events geared toward animal rights education. 

We’ll be hard at working making fresh vegan sushi for you all summer, but we hope you check these out! And if you hear about other cool veggie events happening in NYC, let us know in the comments!