It’s Kale Time

Hi vegheads, 

Many apologies for the late announcement of the March roll and piece on the blog. The roll and piece have been in our stores for a few days already. We were just so busy with the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival last weekend. To sum everything up shortly: It was an amazing event with amazing people! We were so overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and support from everyone. Our entire menu was sold out both days! We can’t wait for next year’s event. Shout out to the organizers who put together a very well-planned event.  

Back to our roll and piece announcement, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here they are. Spoiler alert: There’s a kale theme going on here. 



For the Roll of the Month, we have black rice, dehydrated kale, roasted sunchoke, and marinated carrots. The roll is topped with Cajun kale chip and sweet green peas mint sauce. The kale chip has a tiny bit of heat just enough to spice it up. 

If you’re not familiar with sunchoke, this root vegetable looks like ginger with the taste of potato. Sunchoke (a.k.a Jerusalem artichoke) is a great food to prevent colon cancer. Other than that, it helps lower blood pressure and decrease blood cholesterol. There are tons of health benefits of these little guys that we will cover in our future blog posts. Stay tuned for more!



Ingredients of this lovely piece are noted in the photo! And as always, deliciousness is guaranteed.

Now that you know what we have for March, come by our stores and check them out! They will be in store until the end of month. 


Valentine’s Day is Almost Here…

… And if you’d prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy dinner in the comfort of your home, we’re here to help! This Valentine’s Day, we offer an exclusive package, so you can have that perfect candlelit vegan dinner with your significant other or other loved ones.

Let’s see what we have here for you. For appetizer, the package includes: 1 seaweed salad, 1 edamame, 2 miso soups. In addition, you’ll be able to choose your own combo 2. One is for you. The other is for your partner.


The Haricat and February Roll of the Month.

To end the night on a sweet note, a black bean sweet potato brownie and chocolate coconut oats round make a great pair of desserts. And Valentine’s Day wouldn’t complete without a handwritten note, right? No worries because we’re sending an exclusive Valentine’s Day card with the package. We can guarantee that you won’t find the card anywhere else!

The whole package is $41, which is a pretty great deal in this expensive city. Hurry up and place your order with us today 😉 One more note, this package is only valid for takeouts and delivery (within our range).

April will not shower on our sushi parade

Beyond Sushi

Sushi makers? Of course!

Vegan cuisine innovators? Check!

Aquatic lawn mowers? This month we are!

Yep, you’ve read right! We’ve got seagrass! Image

Black rice + seared arrowhead root + avocado topped w. sesame cabbage + seagrass & red wine caramelized onion sauce

A perfect medley of salty and sweet!


Six grain rice + sea grass w. red wine caramelized onion sauce

Come try it before it’s gone!

We came, we served, we ran out!

We had so much fun at last week’s DIFFA event!

To summarize, we brought 1,500 pieces of sushi, the event started at 7:00, and at 7:30 every piece of Beyond Sushi was gone!

Where did they go?? Let’s put it this way, they found new homes, homes  in the bellies of hungry guests!

If you weren’t at the event, here’s a gallery of photos from the event for you to peruse:

photo (26)photo (27)photo (29)photo (37)photo (36)photo (33)