Our website just got a facelift!

Hello friends, We want to announce one very exciting news today…

Our new website is now LIVE!

What makes our new site so exciting? Read away!


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It’s Kale Time

Hi vegheads, 

Many apologies for the late announcement of the March roll and piece on the blog. The roll and piece have been in our stores for a few days already. We were just so busy with the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival last weekend. To sum everything up shortly: It was an amazing event with amazing people! We were so overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and support from everyone. Our entire menu was sold out both days! We can’t wait for next year’s event. Shout out to the organizers who put together a very well-planned event.  

Back to our roll and piece announcement, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here they are. Spoiler alert: There’s a kale theme going on here. 



For the Roll of the Month, we have black rice, dehydrated kale, roasted sunchoke, and marinated carrots. The roll is topped with Cajun kale chip and sweet green peas mint sauce. The kale chip has a tiny bit of heat just enough to spice it up. 

If you’re not familiar with sunchoke, this root vegetable looks like ginger with the taste of potato. Sunchoke (a.k.a Jerusalem artichoke) is a great food to prevent colon cancer. Other than that, it helps lower blood pressure and decrease blood cholesterol. There are tons of health benefits of these little guys that we will cover in our future blog posts. Stay tuned for more!



Ingredients of this lovely piece are noted in the photo! And as always, deliciousness is guaranteed.

Now that you know what we have for March, come by our stores and check them out! They will be in store until the end of month. 

Kebabs & Swim Suit Bods! Happy Memorial Day!

Time to roll out the grill and kick off the hot summer season!

HOT Kebabs & swim suit bods!..that’s what the summer’s all about, right? But let’s not forget to give thanks to those men and women who have served our country, because after all, that is what MEMORIAL DAY is all about!

Whether you’re BBQ-ing or celebrating on the beach (fingers crossed, because Mother Nature and our friend Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, seem to both be conspiring against us, getting our hopes up for an great start to Spring/ Summer!), here are a few vegan recipes and ideas to help you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend!


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Will you Halva taste of our new Chia Seed Puddings?

Is Spring supposed to be about cleaning?

Oh well, silly us, we may have it opposite here at Beyond Sushi but we don’t mind because we’re ADDING to our dessert line this season.

We are now serving 2 new Chia Seed Puddings!

Feel healthy while fixing your java craving with our, Coffee Chia Seed Pudding with Toasted Coconut and Chocolate-Bourbon Ganache.

Not a caffeine feen?

Try our Black Sesame-Chia Seed Pudding with Crumbled Halva & Raw Sesame Vanilla Sauce. (pictured below)



Try both puddings today at either location.

Beyond Sushi

229 E. 14th Street

NYC, NY, 10003


The Green Roll

75 9th Avenue

NYC, NY, 10011


Gotta clean to get green!

The Green Roll by Beyond Sushi is opening super soon!

How’s construction going you ask?

Well, we’re still under construction and cleaning so “The Green Roll” can open its doors on May 1st, in case you didn’t realize, that’s NEXT WEDNESDAY! 

ImageTake note of the signature green walls, one day these green walls will be the signature color of many Beyond Sushi stores to come. 😉

Get excited The Green Roll opens in 6 days! 

Chelsea Market we’re coming for ya!


Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to work we go!

We’re getting super excited as our 2nd location, “The Green Roll” is opening in exactly 2 weeks! Hooray! 

Call us strippers, because we’re stripping down the new place and preparing it for renovation! 😀

Take a look!Image

In a mere 14 days this sweet green spot will be Beyond Sushi’s newest and cozy home. We can’t wait to meet our neighbors and make some new friends in the Chelsea area.

It’s all so exciting & mind boggling that we will be celebrating our 10-month anniversary of Beyond Sushi and opening The Green Roll on May 1st!



& These Vegan Piggies Went to the (Chelsea) Market!


Proud owners Chef Guy and his fiance Tali are excited to announce…

“We’re going to have a BOY, a GIRL,2nd LOCATION!”



We’re opening our 2nd location, “The Green Roll” !

Call Chef Guy and his soon-to-be wife, Tali vegan storks because they’re giving birth to a yet another Beyond Sushi beauty!

The Green Roll will be arriving at 10:00 am, on May 1st, 2013, weighing in at 75 9th Avenue  (Between 15th & 16th Street).

Coincidentally, May 1st is Beyond Sushi’s 10-month anniversary, which is another reason to celebrate!

So, don’t be a Haricat, and make sure to visit our new spot!