Summer in the City…

…means vegans, vegans, vegans! 

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re looking for a way to spend these balmy…okay, sweltering days and nights, here are some fun ideas: 

Check out the NYC Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup, a Meetup group with upwards of 5,000 members that’s been going strong for 10 years! Here you’ll get the opportunity to meet other like-minded foodies, animal lovers, and general health nerds (hey, we are too) at great veg friendly restaurants and bars like Juice Pedaler and Soaked (the closest to a “healthy cocktail” that you can get!). And if you meet the love of your life, we’d love to cater your wedding!

If you’re looking to network with other ambitious Veg Heads, there’s Vegan Drinks, a monthly social networking event (like Facebook, but real life!) for folks committed to veg-related causes. This month’s Vegan Drinks is July 25th, so you have a full week to get excited!

So maybe drinking’s not your cup of kombucha, but we bet playing with animals is! Why not take a trip to the ASPCA to make some new furry friends? Or, if you’re looking to make a day of it, visit our friends at Catskills Animal Sanctuary (they recently named Beyond Sushi a Compassionate Cuisine Champion, no biggie) in Saugerties, NY. CAS is a completely free-range sanctuary for farm animals who have been rescued from cruel treatment. They offer tours, vegan cooking classes, and other great events geared toward animal rights education. 

We’ll be hard at working making fresh vegan sushi for you all summer, but we hope you check these out! And if you hear about other cool veggie events happening in NYC, let us know in the comments!


The Stray Rescue of St. Louis – Keep Shining!


Today marks the day that this beautiful, furry friend named Stagger goes to Heaven.

Stagger was spotted on a cold day, curled up in the grass, trying to keep warm. He was clearly in terrible condition, deprived of food and barely standing.

Once Stagger was rescued, the kind hearts at the Trauma Rescue Center quickly evaluated Stagger to find that he in fact had pneumonia, he and had been shot, and he had head trauma from a beating.

The vet team did everything they could but this poor dog would suffer if he lived on. Stagger was gently put to rest and is now in peace.


Today we decided to post about an animal rescue foundation that is near and dear to our hearts.

Randy Grimm, the angelic founder of The Stray Rescue Foundation of St. Louis never ceases to amaze us with his kind, warm, and compassionate heart!

Stray Rescue’s sole purpose is to rescue stray animals in need of medical attention, restore them to health, and place them in loving adoptive homes. Virtually all of the pets they save have been abused and neglected. They’ve been dumped on highways, or remote country roads. Abandoned in public parks, empty houses and dark alleys. They have even saved dogs left chained behind buildings after their owners had moved away.

It is simple to give these animals a second chance at life by giving a small donation and/or adopting one, allowing for them to be nursed back to life with a good family.


Please see the Stray Rescue Website at and follow the wonderful Randy Grim on Facebook to witness the miraculous changes these people are making in our animal’s lives.


Today, we thank the Animal Rescue Foundation for their hard work and Beyond Sushi would like to thank our followers for reading our post today!