Our website just got a facelift!

Hello friends, We want to announce one very exciting news today…

Our new website is now LIVE!

What makes our new site so exciting? Read away!


 It is now a lot more user-friendly and you can browse our website from your mobile devices. If you go to our Contact page from a cell phone, you can actually call us by clicking on the number!

Our new system also makes the navigation easier with better direction. Our menu page has been tremendously improved with the display of every product, with clearer descriptions, and crisp photos.

With this new website, we’re able to showcase our catering service in full force. It doesn’t just stop at casual platters but also Beyond Sushi Live Stations and delicious vegan hors d’oeuvres. Chef Guy has been working very hard on these new scrumptious creations, so we’re eager for you to try them!

A brand new section that we’re very proud of is VegFACT!


The page is  a collection of beautiful photos of our rolls with benefits of all ingredients. You are what you eat; therefore, these photos present what is crafted inside each  sushi roll. Just move your mouse around the veggies and learn more about their benefits :).

We’re still working on the Online Ordering and Gift Card  features. However, they will be done very soon. If you usually order from us, give us a ring at 646.861.2889 (14th Street) or 212.929.2889 (Chelsea Market) to place your order.

In addition, our friends from Rockwood and Reed did a beautiful video about Chef Guy last summer. It’s our honor to feature it on our new site. Check it out below!

This new website is a project that we’ve been working very hard on and we want to give you a smooth experience. With that said, if there’s any area that needs improvement, please, please, please let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Again, welcome to our new home and feel free to explore!

Until next time.

-Beyond Sushi team


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