Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.


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Any new year’s resolution from 2013 that you haven’t done or started? Eating healthier. Cook more often. Be more active. Don’t we always want a fresh start and actually make a difference in the new year?

Yet, it’s so hard to stick with our own resolution sometimes as life happens. But 2014 may be different with our help. If you haven’t heard, we just launched a photo contest as an exciting way to kickstart the year?

It’s very simple and easy to participate. Just snap a photo of your healthy lifestyle activity and share with us here. Have your friends vote on our Facebook page (the more the merrier). The top 3 photos with the most votes will receive great prizes from Beyond Sushi!

What count as eligible photos? It can be anything from your breakfast (for those who skip the most important meal of the day), a scrumptious salad, a healthy dinner, or a sport that you like (yoga, biking, hiking, etc.). Options are endless, so just be creative! If you’re stuck on ideas, feel free to visit our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Our prizes include:

1. One vegan sushi making class for two with Chef Guy ($300 value).

2. A $50 gift card to Beyond Sushi.

3. One free combo 3 (one roll + one wrap), one hand pressed juice, and one brownie.

What are you still waiting for? Send us your photo now. We’re eager to see them all!


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