The Beyond Sushi Vegan Gift Guide (part 1)


After months of searching, reaching out, and working with many vegan artists, creators and makers, we are proud to introduce our vegan gift display at the Chelsea Market location. We are so excited to support these up-and-coming great vegan brands. Our display mostly consists of local, artisan products made right here in New York. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the vegans in your life or simply want to support small local businesses, we have you covered. Now, let’s find out what we have in store for you!


Ridiculously delicious and naturally vegan granola from D’nola Granola. Let us confirm that again, this granola is crazy tasty and is made from the best stuff in Queens. Dina started making her own granola in 2008 after years of not finding one that she likes. She began giving her homemade granola to friends and family that quickly became a tradition. As Dina and her business partner Teresa bootstrapped the beginning of their new tech company, Dina decided to start selling her granola. And that’s how D’nola Granola was born. It is the perfect blend of oats, roasted almonds, roasted cashews, sea salt, pistachios, dried cherries, cranberries, raisins, brown sugar, canola oil, vanilla, spices, and organic agave nectar. We’re sure this will make your tummy super happy (and anyone whom you gift this item to).

lemonbuttersugar-01Lemon Butter Sugar is a story of Helen, a grad student and four guinea pigs in New York City. Helen loves candles because “there’s something about the pure warmth of a glowing candle that makes any place feel like home.” After moving to the city, she couldn’t find any affordable candles that she likes. Helen began a quest to make candles with deliciously strong scents nixing any additives or artificial coloring. Lemon Butter Sugar is the result of many trials and errors. These candles are freshly made in small batches, & 100% vegan and phthalate-free. At Beyond Sushi, we carry four scents: Lemongrass currant that is perfect for a relaxing evening; passion fruit guava is great for anyone who loves a tropical touch; honeysuckle jasmine if you want something sweet; and Don Draper’s scent with tobacco leaf and citrus in case you want something sexy (like Don).

mustard-01Next on our list is Mustard Seed ‘N More that uses homegrown and hand-harvested peppers, garlic, and horseradish in the Fingers Lake Region of New York. Maggie is the maker behind Mustard Seed ‘N More, which started in 2008. Every spring, Maggie and her family carefully prepare the garden for planting by working the soil, clearing rocks, and tilling in rich natural compost. There are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in growing their crops. You can use the mustards for roasted potatoes, potato salad, salad dressing, or a recipe like this. Maggie donates a portion of the profits to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Ontario, and Africa Inland Mission in Kibera, Kenya.

Moon & sundries-01Karen is the designer, maker, and owner behind Moon & Sundries, a solopreneur business located in western Massachusetts. With an emphasis on handmade, Moon & Sundries strives to deliver unique, quality products for those looking for something different. These vegan-friendly wallets are colorful, free of animals by-products, and have most of their materials sourced from the U.S. to cut down on their environmental footprint. We are carrying a variety of wallets and clutches with unique designs for you to choose from.

We’ll conclude our first part right here. Part 2 will be posted soon after. But hey, if you can’t wait, feel free to swing by our Chelsea Market location to see what else we have.


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