Top Vegan Cities



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city of plant-based love.


Minneapolis, Minnesota- The City of Lakes Vegans.


Atlanta, Georgia- Vegan hospitality!


San Francisco, California- Hipsters, hills and happy vegans.


District of Columbia- They hold no small place when it comes to catering to vegans.


Richmond, Virginia- It’s ironic that a city that’s historically known for its tobacco industry is increasingly being known for health promoting. That goes to show you that you never know what’ll happen tomorrow.


Boulder, Colorado- Just a half-hour from Denver, it’s a popular destination for the outdoorsy types, with a healthy restaurant scene to compliment it.


Las Vegas, Nevada- Fads come and go and Vegas is no stranger to keeping up with the times. With that said, hotels and restaurants have upgraded their menu to include a wide range of healthy vegan eats to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Salt Lake City, Utah- Named the “Next Great Vegan City” by VegNews. With the Sundance Film Festival located in nearby Park City, film-buffs seeking vegan snacks can enjoy the local cinema pubs that show independent films and they offer a variety of vegan snacks and beers; so it’s no surprise that they host a crowd on even the slowest of Salt Lake City nights.


Seattle, Washington- Home to a vegan Liquor company which slates the motto, “Strong Enough for a Carnivore, Made for a Herbivore. The city’s University District has been called one of the most vegan-friendly neighborhoods in North America. It’s no wonder how it’s so high on the list.


Chicago, Illinois- Formerly known as “Porkopolis” and “Hog Butcher to the World”, the winds certainly have changed in the Windy City, and cruelty-free restaurants and festivals are sprouting up all over town. It’s also the home of the most legendary vegan-friendly restaurant in the world, The Chicago Diner, which proudly boasts the slogan “Meat Free Since ’83”.


New York City, New York- The world’s melting pot, and its diverse community keeps adding more and more vegan ingredients into the mix; such as yours truly (BeyondSushi)


Los Angeles, California- As more and more Hollywood stars go vegan, it’s no surprise that the City of Angels has turned into ‘The City of Vegg-heads”. They’ve got to keep those beach bodies in shape by eating healthy vegan food at one of the many all-vegan chain restaurants overtaking the city. Plus with all the vegan dining options at Disneyland, including vegetarian chili, vegan burgers, and veggie gumbo, Disneyland really is “The Happiest Place on Earth; in LA that is.


Portland, Oregon- When it comes to cruelty-free living, Stumptown’s got all the bases covered. It’s got a vegan bike shop, compassionate salons, an all-vegan bed and breakfast, a cruelty-free massage parlor, and even plant-based personal trainers. Portland is home to what may be the nation’s only all-vegan strip mall!


Austin, Texas- may be in the “Heart of cattle country”, but it’s also the vegan food truck capital of the world, reaching people all over their fair city. With the positive reception of the vegan way of life, via food trucks, more and more restaurants have been popping up. Maybe one day they’ll dub it the “Start of Vegan Country”.



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