Where did the time go?

With less than a month of summer left before you have to deal with the constant reminders of autumn, it’s now more important than ever to squeeze in as much as you can before all this time is gone……

^_^    Here’s are 10 fun things you can enjoy with Beyond Sushi:

1. Have a picnic catered with one of our Beyond Sushi Platters.
2. See the sunset while enjoying a Beyond Sushi Paper Wrap.
3. Read a book under a shady tree with one of our 3 Rice Bed Salads.
4. Camp out in a tent and warm up with our Classic Miso Soup.
5. Get a massage while crunching on some Crunch N’ Munch.
6. Just lie in the grass and be one with our Green Machine roll.
7. Go for a ride on the bus to enjoy the sights while enjoying our Hand Roll Combo (#4).
8. Reconnect with friends over a new meal, The Roll of the Month is as new as it gets.
9. Have a sleepover with some Spicy Mang and Sweet Tree. A spicy or sweet treat for any tongue!
10. Mani-pedi with all seven of our individual pieces; your little piggies will be fighting over them.



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