& These Vegan Piggies Went to the (Chelsea) Market!


Proud owners Chef Guy and his fiance Tali are excited to announce…

“We’re going to have a BOY, a GIRL,2nd LOCATION!”



We’re opening our 2nd location, “The Green Roll” !

Call Chef Guy and his soon-to-be wife, Tali vegan storks because they’re giving birth to a yet another Beyond Sushi beauty!

The Green Roll will be arriving at 10:00 am, on May 1st, 2013, weighing in at 75 9th Avenue  (Between 15th & 16th Street).

Coincidentally, May 1st is Beyond Sushi’s 10-month anniversary, which is another reason to celebrate!

So, don’t be a Haricat, and make sure to visit our new spot!



4 thoughts on “& These Vegan Piggies Went to the (Chelsea) Market!

  1. Ian S says:

    Please open up another location in the San Francisco Bay Area in California! You guys would do great in San Francisco, or even Berkeley. 🙂
    I saw some pictures of your sushi rolls online and now my tastebuds are dying to experience them on a regular basis! 🙂

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